Current Residents ODUrent

  • Utilities:


    Parking & Transportation:

    Need Storage?

    COLLEY SELF STORAGE – 1 block from Campus

    Don’t trust your valuables with just anyone!

    Located at 4415 Colley Ave, Norfolk, 23508

    • Owned and operated by ODU Alumni.
    • Climate controlled facilities
    • 24 hour Access.
    • Security Cameras.
  • Maintenance:

    • Emergenices only: call 757-675-7200
    • Use Tenant Sign In for Routine Work Requests
    • AC filter-change every 2 months to avoid high bills
    • Smoke alarms: test monthly and report issues
    • Fire Safety: Don’t leave stove on!  Use timers
    • Leaks: shut off valve under sink/toilet
  • ODUrent retains NPD officers to patrol properties year round!

    ODUrent has been working aggressively to make your home a safe place so you can feel at ease. For added safety we have installed automatic door locks and dusk to dawn lighting. There are also motion alarms in many of our properties. We go the extra mile and hired off duty Norfolk Police to monitor properties on weekends.

      Our Preemptive additions towards a safer community :

      • We are now keyless!, just type in your code and hit unlock. It auto locks behind you or hit the lock button.
      • Added Peep holes to front, side & back doors.
      • Added Automatic dusk to dawn night lights!
      • Added Door latch guards to prevent tampering of door locks.
      • We cleared debris, old fences & excess shrubs for better visibility.
      • Attended the ODU Safety 2004 Task Force and 2008 Task Force.
      • Hired NPD to patrol all of our properties year round.
      • We installed motion alarm systems on select properties. (Call Beacon Security to activate monitoring, no contract/phone line required)
      • Note: ODU escort service or Safe ride  683-3477.
      • Note: ODU shuttle Routes to get around campus safely and fast.

      Phone Numbers:

      Avoid break-ins during Holidays:

      • Lock your doors and windows and close blinds!
      • Take valuables (use tracking software for laptops)
      • Leave a light on and talk radio in the back ground.
      • Be aware of who you invite over.
      • Use burglar alarm, if equipped.
      • Never leave valuables in your car!
      • Get lowcost renters insurance which covers theft and property damage



      Know the people at your party

      The more people you don’t know at your party, the greater potential for bad things to happen. Fights, theft and people getting in trouble happen more often when you don’t know who’s at your party. Keeping the size of your party small cuts down on the number of randoms who will come and scope your place out.

      Call the ODU Police and let them know

      They will let you know the rules such as having a host who lives there stay in contact with police. And always cooperate with the police if things get out of hand. Know the VA Alcohol Laws.

      Respect your neighbors and know your lease regulations.

      There are at least two reasons why you do not want to be the inconsiderate neighbor. First, people like to get that guy in trouble. Second, if you’re not home and your neighbor sees someone hit your car or walk out of your house with your TV, they are more likely to help you if they know you and like you.

      Be Considerate

      Clean up any trash, and keep the noise level reasonable.

      Have at least one person there who is not drinking

      If you and your friends are set on having a crazy night, it only makes sense to have someone there with their wits about them. Let this person be the one who drives you to Taco Bell at 2:00 a.m., or calls the police if something happens, and makes sure that no one is getting dangerously drunk.

      Drink Water

      Drink water in between alcoholic drinks, and down more water before you go to bed. It re-hydrates your body and cuts back on the risk of a hangover.

      Provide Options

      Limit alcohol, and serve non-alcoholic beverages in addition to any alcohol. Additionally, provide food.

      Hurricane Preparedness

      • Bring inside all loose items from porch/decks! Secure & tape close trash cans or put in garage.
      • WINDOWS may break and let rain in, if winds are >90 mph
      • Note: Past Category 1 storms < 90mph did not break our windows.
      • Myth: Taping windows will not keep them from shattering.
      • FLOODING may occur in the ODU area with a category 2 or a storm tidal surge above 8 feet.
      • Note: Past Category 1 storms (5-7.9 ft storm surge w/ tide) did not flood our properties.
      • Note: Properties with possible Flood risk at 8ft+ are:
        1550 42nd, 1524 42nd, 1508 41st, 819 43rd, 812 43rd, 813 46th, 814 46th, 1015 50th(cars only), 782 49th
      • If your house is flooding or you evacuate, Turn OFF POWER at the Main Breaker Panel
      • Watch news and have plans for shelter or leaving the area. Keep batteries/radio for broadcasts!
      • Avoid damaging refrigerator by removing spoiled food if power is off 2+days.
      • Park your car in available Norfolk Downtown or ODU garages and not under/near trees.
      • Polizos Properties is not liable for your belongings or auto damage.

      Refer to your auto or renters insurance.



    • Water  and Electricity must stay on to last day of Lease for inspection.
    • For 1 to 4 unit properties: Schedule free bulk pickup (441-5813) by Wednesday for Thursday curbside pickup on move out week to remove large items curbside and to avoid disposal costs. Pull trash cans out Wed too.
    • Clean bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, floors, yard, vacuum and remove trash to get max deposit. Professional cleaning fees will be deducted from your security deposit as stated in the lease for a final professional and santizied cleaning, but you still have to perform a light cleaning, vacum, trash removal, etc.
    • Landlord inspects Premises day after Lease ends. Call the morning of to join, if you prefer. Damages to individual rooms will be charged to that tenant. Common area damages will be split unless we are notified by Move Out Date.
    • Cancel recurring rent payments!
    • 10 second Survey so we can be better!
    • Leave any mailbox KEYS on counter.
    • Email us your new address to receive remaining deposit within 45 days.
    • Have Post office forward your mail.


    Tenant/s may not sublet without Landlord’s written consent and these conditions: (Note: If remaining tenants do not cooperate or assist in finding a new tenant and Subletor is evicted, they will be responsible for full rent)

    • Provide Landlord and all other Tenants with written notice of their intent to vacate the Premises. The Tenant’s date of release from this Lease shall be 60-days from the next rental payment due date
    • Tenant will be in good standing with no outstanding balance
    • Pay an early release fee equal to one month’s worth of Rent due at the time the early release addendum is signed.
    • Pay monthly Rent up to the release date (Note: this must be paid, before singing to a new property
  • Renewing Your Lease

    • Review lease with new rent rate and lease dates
    • Sign & initial all pages, return by Feb 24 deadline
    • See Options here: LEASE Renewal Form

    Roommate changes?

    • Must be approved by our office AND current tenants

    Want to move to a new unit?

    • You must apply again and pay new deposit
    • If your leases overlap, you will get a new welcome email and after 2nd login attempt, you will see both accounts.

    Terminate your lease?