The 5 Best Coffee Shops Near ODU

Every school year, it’s only a matter of weeks (sometimes days) before students start feeling the symptoms of campus-fever and need to get away, even if just for a few hours. For many, this means going to a favorite local coffee shop, but if you’re new to the area, how do you know where to go? To help you out, here’s our list of the best coffee shops near ODU!

The Borjo Coffeehouse by Taste

Located right on Monarch Way, the Borjo Coffeehouse is within walking distance of campus (and possibly your neighbor if you live in an ODUrent location!). Operated by the local legend Taste, the Borjo Coffeehouse provides a bright and comfortable atmosphere perfect for relaxing, hanging out with a friend, or studying.

The Borjo

They have a great assortment of various life-infusing coffee drinks and, as one would expect from a coffee shop run by Taste, a delicious food menu as well. You’ll be happy and full each time you visit this great spot!

The Cure Coffeehouse

One of Norfolk’s legendary coffeehouses, The Cure has been one of the favorite safe harbors for weary students in recent years. Located about a 5 minute drive from ODU’s campus, The Cure is nestled near the heart of downtown Norfolk.

The Cure is known for its great variety of coffee drinks, delicious (and healthy) food, and local craft beers. It’s a great place to relax or bring a friend, whether for lunch or for a few hours of studying.

As an added perk, if you really love desserts, there’s a store next door called Hummingbird Desserts & Macarons. Sounds like a good study break to us!

For more info, check out The Cure’s website.

Fair Grounds

Sometimes, you just need a home away from home (especially if you live in the dorms). Fair Grounds provides a home-like atmosphere (it’s pretty much a house) mixed with amazing coffee, a unique experience compared to your standard coffee shop. It’s comfy, warm, and a favorite for many ODU students.

Fairgrounds Coffee

It’s less than 5 minutes away, and it’s worth a spot on your coffee shop rotation! For more information, check them out here.

Cafe Stella

Located in historic Ghent, Cafe Stella is known for its incredible in-house coffee brews found nowhere else. It’s mix of great coffee, extensive food options, and warm atmosphere make it a favorite for ODU students looking to get a break from campus life.

Cafe Stella Norfolk

It’s less than 10 minutes from campus, letting you feel like your off campus while still being convenient to get to. And if you can’t get enough of their special brews, they sell their coffee for you to take with you!

Check them out here!

aLatte Cafe

Though it is the furthest from campus of our group (about 10 minutes), aLatte Cafe is a popular and lively location, great for getting off campus for some entertainment. They frequently have live music to add to their bright and warm atmosphere.

aLatte Cafe Norfolk

We recommend that you check this out if you’re looking to hang out with a friend or you’re studying something you don’t really have to pay attention to since it is busier.

For more details, check out their Facebook.

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