4902 Killam Ave

$ 469 per Resident

Bedrooms: 4
Bathroom: 2
Style: Houses

Property Features

Washer Dryer
Off Street Parking


  • Single family house
  • 4 bed, 2 bath

Full Property Lease Dates:

  • 6/18/2021- 6/12/2022 LEASED!


  • Large gorgeous house in a great location to campus!
  • Includes both private parking and street parking
  • Full kitchen
  • Central AC/Heat
  • Walk to all the restaurants in the University Village and close enough to walk to Colley Avenue and enjoy night life!

Utilities Not Included:

  • Power- avg $45-$60/person, varies with season
  • Water- avg $35-$45/person, varies with use